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Experience all the glitz, glamour, and amazing production value of The Champions League in a new Super Regional Format




Finally know where you REALLY rank against the best in your region and the best in the Country




The same judging panel will be used in each of the 6 Super Regions to give truly consistent judging for the first time.


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Welcome to the Nfinity Champions League!  In our continuing effort to help the industry we love evolve and improve, we spent a great deal of time over the last year conducting surveys about what needed to change.  Overwhelmingly the answer was cost.  The cost to participate, the cost of travel, the never ending need to shell out dollars is keeping families from cheerleading.  It's just too expensive, and more athletes than ever are being pushed out of this amazing sport.  Chasing rings and jackets, and the monetary investment this requires, is the #1 issue threatening the growth of our industry.   So how can we change it?

In nearly every other sport, teams are divided and defined by geographic region. If you live in the South, you compete in the South.  If you live in the Northeast, you compete in the Northeast against other teams from the Northeast.  You get the picture.  Other than in cheerleading, athletes and teams CAN'T cherry pick where they compete, hoping to run from "better" programs and increase their chances of success. It is with this idea in mind that the Nfinity Champions League is announcing an ALL NEW format for the 2017-2018 competition season.  The Nfinity Champions League will now be a super regional championship for ALL levels.  Each Super regional will have the exact same people judging on each panel.  This will provide the most consistency of any competition ever.

Where will you rank against the best in your region?  Against the Best in the country?  You'll have to come to find out!